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28 May 2024

Three Great Itineraries for Groups and Teams Visiting Canmore in June

Visiting Canmore in June offers a unique blend of early summer charm and bustling activity. While the town starts to hum with the energy of eager adventurers, it’s not yet as crowded as the peak months of July and August. This makes June an ideal time to travel with your group, whether it’s for a team-building event, bridal party, or family gathering, providing a perfect balance of accessibility and excitement.

Canmore, with its stunning mountain backdrop, offers an array of activities to foster team spirit and create lasting memories. From exhilarating cave tours and scenic float trips to paddleboarding and rock climbing, there's something for every group dynamic. And let's not forget the vibrant dining scene, with top-rated restaurants catering to all tastes and preferences.

Planning ahead is crucial, even in June, to ensure your group can secure spots in the most popular activities. The mountain weather can be unpredictable, so it's wise to prepare for varying conditions to keep your plans running smoothly.

In this guide, we've curated three well-balanced, two-day itineraries that highlight the best of Canmore. Each itinerary combines adventure, relaxation, and culinary experiences, offering plenty of inspiration for your corporate retreat. Dive in and discover the possibilities that await your team in Canmore this June!

Itinerary 1
  • Cave Tour
  • Cluesolving Adventure
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoe Tour
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Itinerary 2
  • Banff Sunrise & Johnston Canyon
  • Rafts & Crafts
  • Paddleboarding
  • Spa Time
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Itinerary 3
  • Sunrise at Moraine Lake
  • Grassi Lakes Hike
  • Wildlife Tour
  • Canmore Nordic Centre
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Itinerary 1: High-Adventure

For teams that thrive on adrenaline and adventure, Canmore offers a thrilling array of activities that will push limits and foster camaraderie. This high-adventure itinerary is designed to challenge and excite, perfect for building team spirit through shared exhilarating experiences.

Day 1: Morning

Canmore Cave Tours - Adventure Cave Tour

Start your day with an unforgettable underground adventure. The Adventure Cave Tour takes you deep into Rat's Nest Cave, where your team will navigate through narrow passages, rappel down cave walls, and marvel at stunning subterranean formations. This physically demanding tour is perfect for bonding through teamwork and mutual encouragement.
Day 1: Late Lunch/Early Dinner

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

After the intense cave tour, refuel at The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. Enjoy a hearty meal paired with locally brewed craft beers in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and sharing the morning's highlights.
Day 1: Afternoon/Evening

Cluesolving Adventure

Transition from physical challenges to mental ones with Cluesolvers' outdoor escape room-style adventure. This interactive scavenger hunt combines problem-solving, teamwork, and the beauty of Canmore’s outdoor setting, making it a fun and engaging activity for your team.
Day 2: Morning

Ridgeline Guiding - Rock Climbing Session

Kick off the second day with a rock climbing session led by Ridgeline Guiding. Whether your team members are experienced climbers or beginners, professional guides will tailor the experience to your group’s skill level, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the challenge.
Day 2: Lunch

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Enjoy a delicious, organic meal at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Their handcrafted pizzas and fresh salads provide the perfect midday energy boost for your team.
Day 2: Afternoon

Canmore Canoe - Inflatable Canoe Tour

Spend the afternoon paddling with Canmore Canoe on their inflatable canoe tour. This activity offers a mix of relaxation and excitement as your team navigates the serene waters, taking in the stunning mountain scenery and working together to steer the canoes.
Day 2: Dinner

The Iron Goat Pub & Grill

Wrap up your high-adventure itinerary with dinner at The Iron Goat Pub & Grill. With its cozy ambiance and panoramic views of the mountains, it’s an ideal spot for your team to relax, celebrate your achievements, and bond over shared experiences.

Itinerary 1: Leisure & Relaxation

For teams looking to unwind and enjoy a more relaxed pace, Canmore offers a serene backdrop with plenty of leisurely activities. This itinerary is perfect for those who want to combine light adventure with ample relaxation and indulgence in Canmore's best dining options.

Day 1: Morning

Private Banff Sunrise & Johnston Canyon Tour with Canadian Rockies Experience

Begin your day with the Private Banff Sunrise & Johnston Canyon tour from Canadian Rockies Experience. This guided tour takes you to witness a breathtaking sunrise over Banff, followed by a hike through the stunning Johnston Canyon. Your team will enjoy the serene beauty of the early morning light and the spectacular scenery of the canyon's waterfalls and rock formations.
Day 1: Lunch

Communitea Cafe

Head back to Canmore for lunch at Communitea Cafe, known for its healthy, delicious options. Enjoy a variety of fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies in a cozy, welcoming environment.
Day 1: Afternoon

Canmore Raft Tours - Rafts & Crafts Tour

Spend your afternoon on the Rafts & Crafts tour from Canmore Raft Tours. This unique tour combines a scenic float down the Bow River with a visit to a local brewery or distillery. Your team will enjoy the beautiful river landscapes and then get to sample some of Canmore’s finest craft beverages, making for a fun and leisurely experience.
Day 1: Dinner

The Sensory

Conclude your first day with a gourmet dining experience at The Sensory & Wit Bar. This restaurant offers a sophisticated menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, perfect for a relaxing and memorable dinner.
Day 2: Morning

Paddleboard Rental from Wilderness Equipment Rentals

Start your second day by picking up paddleboards from Wilderness Equipment Rentals and heading to a nearby lake. Paddleboarding offers a peaceful yet engaging way to spend the morning, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and there are plenty of nearby options for a peaceful paddle and float.
Day 2: Lunch

Harvest Cafe

Enjoy a delightful lunch at Harvest Cafe, known for its homemade, wholesome meals. This cozy spot is perfect for a casual and satisfying midday break.
Day 2: Afternoon

Spa Treatment at One Wellness + Spa

Treat your team to an afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation at One Wellness + Spa. Choose from a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, and more, to ensure everyone feels pampered and refreshed.
Day 2: Dinner

Sauvage Restaurant

End your day with a memorable dining experience at Sauvage, one of Canmore's premier restaurants. Sauvage offers a unique and innovative menu that combines bold flavors with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's commitment to sustainability and seasonality is evident in each carefully crafted dish, providing a fresh and vibrant dining experience. The intimate and sophisticated atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for winding down and celebrating a day well spent. Whether you're enjoying a multi-course tasting menu or selecting from their a la carte options, Sauvage promises an unforgettable culinary journey.

Itinerary 3: Nature & Exploration

For teams that love to immerse themselves in nature and explore the great outdoors, Canmore offers an abundance of opportunities. This itinerary is perfect for those looking to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of the area through a variety of engaging activities.

Day 1: Morning

Morning: Via Via Moraine Lake Shuttle - Visit Moraine Lake

Start your day with a scenic trip to Moraine Lake using the Via Via Moraine Lake Shuttle. Spend the morning exploring the trails, capturing stunning photographs, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and rugged peaks.
Day 1: Lunch

Blake Brewhouse & Distillery

Return to Canmore for a hearty lunch at Blake Brewhouse & Distillery. Enjoy a selection of craft beers and delicious pub fare in a laid-back setting, perfect for refueling after a morning of exploration.
Day 1: Afternoon

Wildlife Tour with Discover Banff Tours

In the afternoon, embark on a wildlife tour with Discover Banff Tours. This guided experience will take your team into the heart of the Rockies to spot local wildlife such as elk, deer, and possibly even bears. It's an excellent opportunity to learn about the area's ecosystem and see animals in their natural habitat.
Day 1: Dinner

Kain Tayo

Wrap up the first day with dinner at Kain Tayo, a restaurant known for its unique fusion of Filipino cuisine and Canadian ingredients. Enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes in a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a day of exploration.
Day 2: Morning

Hiking at Grassi Lakes Trail

Begin your second day with a hike on the Grassi Lakes Trail. This popular trail offers stunning views of waterfalls, the turquoise Grassi Lakes, and the surrounding mountains. It's a moderate hike suitable for all fitness levels, making it a great team activity.
Day 2: Lunch

Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill

Enjoy a delightful lunch at Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill, a beloved spot in Canmore’s vibrant dining scene. Housed in a charming historic building, Murrieta's offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a midday break. The lunch menu features a diverse selection of contemporary dishes, blending local ingredients with international flavors to create memorable meals. Choose from beautifully prepared salads, sandwiches, and gourmet entrees, all complemented by a carefully curated beverage list. With its cozy ambiance, stunning mountain views, and exceptional service, Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill provides the ideal setting for a relaxing and satisfying lunch.
Day 2: Afternoon

Visit the Canmore Nordic Centre

In the afternoon, visit the Canmore Nordic Centre, which offers a range of outdoor activities including mountain biking, disc golf, and trail running. This versatile destination allows your team to choose their preferred way to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Canmore.
Day 2: Dinner

Crazyweed Kitchen

End the day with dinner at Crazyweed Kitchen, known for its eclectic menu and vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes and celebrate the day’s adventures with your team.

Considerations for Booking Activities in Canmore

June is a fantastic time to visit Canmore, with its early summer charm and a lively but manageable influx of visitors. However, to ensure your team has access to the best activities and experiences, it's crucial to book in advance. Popular tours and restaurants can fill up quickly, so securing your spots early helps avoid any last-minute disappointments and ensures your itinerary goes off without a hitch.

Mountain weather can be unpredictable, even in the early summer months. It's wise to regularly check weather forecasts leading up to your trip and be prepared for sudden changes. Layered clothing is essential, as temperatures can vary significantly throughout the day. Morning activities might be cool, while afternoons can warm up, and evenings may cool down again.


Canmore offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for corporate team-building and events. With its stunning mountain scenery and diverse range of activities, Canmore provides unique opportunities to foster team spirit and create unforgettable memories. We invite you to explore Canmore Cave Tours and other local businesses to fully experience what this charming town has to offer. Whether you're navigating the depths of Rat's Nest Cave, paddling on serene lakes, or enjoying a gourmet meal, every moment in Canmore is designed to inspire and connect your team.

Start planning your Canmore adventure today. Secure your bookings, pack your gear, and get ready for an extraordinary journey that will leave your team feeling closer and more motivated than ever. Canmore awaits with open arms and endless possibilities for your next corporate retreat.